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Real Dirt: LEATT Body Armour brace your body for impact

Real Dirt: LEATT Body Armour brace your body for impact: 

I have made it no secret that I pick and choose when to wear my neck brace. Although I always make sure my kids have them on before they go riding as it's an essential part of their protection.

But I never ride without body armour. I've recently been testing the new 3DF Airfit chest protector made by Leatt. My previous body armour was the Fusion 3.0 body armour which I've had for nearly two years now, I even did the Weston beach race in it back in 2015 and it's still going strong. That’s good value for money especially as it has a built-in neck brace.
The Fusion Vest 3.0 CE certified neck and body protection is a mega way to prevent yourself from injuries or protect old injuries and prevent new ones!

The key area for protection are the chest, flank, shoulder, back and neck. And as it has a built-in neck brace, Leatt have killed two birds with one stone.

The things I like about this armour is how comfortable it is and also how protected you feel when wearing it. It’s easy to fit and works much better than sitting a brace on top of a armour. It really is a slick bit of kit! The fact the fits tightly around you means there's less movement from the brace when riding too. It just feels like you've got a body armour on. You don't really notice the neck brace at all.

I like the 3.0 Fusion but I realise some riders just can't ride with hard plastic armour, and some like to ride with the body armour over their shirt. You have to ride with the Fusion over your shirt.

And if we are being honest, lots of racers don’t like covering their race shirt up as they've just had printed with a cool number and name printed on the back. Image is everything these days. Look good, feel good - right?

Leatt have produced a number of body armours which fit under a race shirt and to be honest they are all good but some I'd say cater for the enduro market more than the motocross scene until now.

The 3DF AirFit Leatt armour has been stripped back to basics and given you hardcore shirt number showing racers exactly what you'd like.

It’s body armour which goes under your shirt, doesn't make you look like your on an American football team, it's very light and it offers high end protection in key areas on your body. It’s not just a roost guard.

The first thing you notice is the weight as it's really light. You hardly know you've got it on. I liked the fact it was easy to throw on and adjust quickly, too. I made a few adjustments on the straps and then set in place with Velcro straps - simple and easy.

It's light when riding and it's light when you take it off but you do notice it’s heavier on back due to more multi-layer 3DF AirFit impact foam. This offers a soft, flexible fit but transforms into a harder, energy absorber under impact to protect your spine. It does have a multi- layer strip on the front too but it's a much smaller area.

It does fit your body perfectly as it moulds to you. This 3D design is all the rage at the moment as it offers such good protection.

While this new body armour only looks like a typical light weight foam armour, it's not. In fact it's CE certified and it scores a level nine on Leatt’s own protection scoring system. It also integrates with a neck brace and has the straps on the shoulders which stretch up and lock your brace into place.

It gets a big thumbs up from me because of the level of protection it offers but also it doesn't restrict you when riding.

Leatt Fusion 3.0 features:
First ever integrated neck and torso protection for adults
Neck protection CE certified as Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC
CE certified for impact protection:
3 dimensional designed for perfect fit
Easy to use, no-tool, sizing adjustments for a precise fit
Flank protection
Light weight
Great comfort
Well ventilated
3 Adult sizes fits riders approx: Small/Medium - 34"- 38.5" Chest. Large/XLarge - 38.5"- 46.5" Chest. XXLarge - 46.5"- 49.5" Chest

3DF AirFit features:
Ventilated soft impact foam
CE tested and certified as impact protection:
Flank protection
Multi-layer, multi-plate articulating design
Our 3D design ensures a great fit that is very comfortable
Ventilation slots for maximum airflow
BraceOn™ neck brace fitting system
Recess areas in both front and back integrates with Leatt® neck braces perfectly
Weight: 740g – 1.63 lbs
Unisex Fit: 70 to 90 kg (150 to 198 lbs)
Also available in #XXL 90 – 130kg (198 to 286 lbs)