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2017 Sea Otter Classic by TransWorld Motocross

2017 Sea Otter Classic by TransWorld Motocross: 

The 27th Annual Sea Otter Classic is a cycling festival that is widely regarded as the biggest and best in the world. The four-day party hosts a massive vendors exhibit where many new bikes and products are unveiled to the public for the first time, as well as racing in every category of bicycling competition you could think of.

Mountain biking is easily the most common way motocross racers cross train, and it only makes sense that a ton of motocross companies have crossed over into mountain biking, and vice versa. We perused the festival in search of familiar faces, and saw a ton! Check out some of the crossover parts and accessories that TransWorld Motocross saw…

Leatt made a big splash on the mountain biking market with a full line of riding gear and helmets for both all-mountain and downhill use. 

Finally got their hands on the new DBX 3.0 helmet and after racing it, can say that it is super comfortable, well ventilated and light