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OTOR Magazine reviews Leatt GPX Helmet

OTOR Magazine reviews Leatt GPX Helmet 

Leatt kindly sent one of their GPX off-road lids through the post in the last couple of weeks and actually having the product to hand allows full appreciation for the impressive piece of kit it really is. 

The 360 turbine system is the main ingredient for two versions of the helmet – the 6.5 carbon ($600) and the 5.5 composite ($450). The specs of the 6.5 feature ten turbines made of Armourgel (a Leatt employee wrapped his hand in the stuff and smashed it with a hammer in a memorable demonstration last summer) and a (typical for Leatt) innovation and emphasis on safety by claiming the GPX ‘helps with brain and rotation safety and reduces the head impact at concussion level by up to 30% and the rotational acceleration to the head and brain by up to 40%. 

The helmet is also equipped with a breakaway visor that reduces rotation in a crash.’ The helmet feels smaller and lighter than most (we have Arai, Lazer and Fox also to hand) and with that kind of testing research and technology within the liner then it is easy to reach for the Leatt first when it comes to ride. 

Although it was arguably something of an Achilles heel on the helmet’s launch the latest raft of designs of the GPX are much more modern and appealing. The 6.5 feature on this page is our main pick but there are at least twenty variations of the models on the website.