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MusclePharm launches 6 new pieces of apparel with its new website

MusclePharm launches 6 new pieces of apparel with its new website:

MusclePharm has just launched its new, previously promised website, which has also brought with it a new collection of clothing. The first new line of apparel from the Athlete’s Company in quite some time features a total of six different products, with all of them being designed for men.

There are two tees, one being a simple logo design coming in both black and white, and the other featuring a slightly more complex digital camo graphic also coming in black and white. Both of MusclePharm’s shirt designs have been used for its long sleeves as well, although unlike the shirts they only come in the one black color.

The last couple of items are hoodies, one being another logo design available in green on black or black on black, and the other actually uses the digital camo graphic, but in a single gray color. As you’d imagine the products do all vary in price on MusclePharm’s new website with the tees costing between 30 to $33, the long sleeves 40 to $43, and the hoodies are the most expensive at 45 to $48.