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Leatt DBX 5.0 jersey and shorts review

Leatt DBX 5.0 jersey and shorts review by MTBR.com

Technical high-performance clothing for cool weather rides

The Leatt DBX 5.0 jersey comes in the pictured yellow, blue, or black.

What is it? DBX 5.0 is Leatt’s entry into the all mountain/enduro clothing arena. The 5.0 is targeted at colder weather, with heavier materials that are waterproof and windproof rather than lightweight and minimalist. And rather than just jumping on the bandwagon with Troy Lee Designs copycat products, Leatt harnessed their engineering background to design clothing that was up to the task at hand.

  • Great design and quality
  • Excellent fit on both the shorts and the jersey
  • Jersey is windproof, yet breathable
  • Shorts are waterproof but have big ventilation zippers when needed
  • Shorts have pre-shaped knee curve to prevent binding with knee pads
  • Good styling and color options
  • First rate zippers, buttons and Velcro
  • Short pockets are big, secure, and waterproof

  • Shorts are pricey at $120 with no chamois
  • Shorts a little stiff and noisy because of waterproof material

Long zippered vents in the rear of the DBX 5.0 shorts help you cool down.

Mtbr’s Take: We received the yellow colored kit during warm California weather, and thus were not chomping at the bit to try the new Leatt 5.0 apparel. The color was a bit loud and the materials were better suited for colder weather.

But then the Northern California deluge and big freeze hit, and every ride in January was cold, wet, or both. Our yellow kit is definitely high visibility but they have an attractive blue color and a subtle black available as well.

The rear of the shorts has soft materials for comfort and a gripper material to spare your friends from the dreaded crack.

The shorts and jersey have the feel of a fine technical jacket with its fitted shape and high end materials and hardware. Two buttons securely snap the front, and a waterproof zipper is tucked in neatly. Two secure Velcro tabs on the sides are attached to an elastic rear band for adjustment.

The shorts drop down below the knee with the front longer than the back. Above the knee, the material is 3D shaped to make room for kneepads without binding.

Front pockets are big, deep, and waterproof. That’s an Iphone 7 Plus, for scale.

On the rear of the short, there is a huge zipper that opens up a vented panel. The material is waterproof so it relies on these ventilation ports to cool the rider. The shorts have two large pockets that fit an iPhone 7 Plus with room to spare. The compartments are completely waterproof and have a waterproof zipper.

On the waist area is soft material with no sharp or irritating edges, while on the rear of the waist there are soft gripper materials to prevent unwanted sag.

We didn’t realize that our jersey had a pocket until we dug deep to find it behind the hidden zipper.

The jersey is not as involved as the shorts, but it works well and looks good with great fit, including lots of room for the shoulders and arms to move around.

The great asset of the jersey is that it’s windproof but breathable at the same time. With a wicking undershirt, it works really well in cool weather, blocking wind but getting moisture out. In wet conditions, it works very well with a waterproof shell.

The DBX 5.0 jersey’s neck area has a special stretch opening for comfort and neck brace compatibility.

So much detail went in to the DBX 5.0 that we thought it would be appropriate to show some more of the technical details.

Some Velcro for shorts is too weak or too strong. The DBX 5.0 got it just right

The knee area of the DBX 5.0 is 3D shaped to hang up less with knee pads.

The shorts’ buttons are strong with a rubber grip tab. No need for the pesky Velcro that gets in the way of snapping the buttons in.

Bottom Line: We love this DBX 5.0 clothing system because it looks great and it’s built like a technical jacket with its materials and attention to detail. Plus it’s made to fit and interface with other essentials like gloves, knee pads, a jacket and neck brace. This one is for cooler weather but the DBX 3.0 and 4.0 line are available for warmer seasons.

Performance Rating: 5 out of 5 

Price: Shorts $120, jersey $75

More info: www.leatt.com