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Leatt GPX Cargo 3.0 Hydration Pack - Tested

Leatt GPX Cargo 3.0 Hydration Pack - Tested by Enduro21.com

Leatt have a range of hydration solutions for numerous outdoor activities, including enduro. Their GPX Cargo 3.0 hydration pack is a multi-functional drinks system we tested a lot during 2016…

…They say 

The GPX Cargo 3.0 is the new and improved addition to our hydration range. Comprising of a three-litre bladder and ten-litre storage, it offers a larger volume capacity as well as a higher Level Two back protection. The removable back protector is made of 3DF AirFit foam that instantly hardens upon impact.

The multitude of outer and inner compartments, including a removable mobile phone pouch that is touch screen compatible, as well as the new hydration tube design that enables two-way routing both over the shoulder and under the arm. 

For ventilation, the back is made of AirLine mesh, and the design offers a perfect fit with a new unique chest harness, articulating rib panels, and volume-regulating straps on the backpack. The backpack can be worn with our neck brace and is further equipped with reflective safety details and a safety whistle.

…We say 

The GPX 3.0 Cargo’s list of features is strong. In-built CE-approved (removable) back protector, waterproof phone pouch, separate tool compartment, multi-adjustable strapping, integration with a neck brace, lots of stretchy pockets and even a whistle to name few.

In a nutshell the GPX Cargo 3.0 is versatile and handy when you’re out on a long trail ride. It’s also very good if you’re out for a few hours of mountain biking. And in all honesty, the times we found it most useful were out walking and watching races when you need hydration as much as a place to carry phones, clothing layers, food or tools in all kinds of weather.

We’ve not used it during a race. You could say it’s too big for racing, but Leatt have smaller, lighter options available if that’s what you’re after. 

But we have used it a lot during training, trail and adventure riding and it works well without being too big and obstructive. 

The back protector allows you to carry hard objects like tools, phones, GoPros without them pressing uncomfortably. The tool compartment is a separate sealed-pocket inside the main aperture. 

The adjustment range on the ventilated front straps is very good. We’ve used it with thin race shirts and full-on armoured jackets and the pack sits comfortably with both. Venting down the rear allows some airflow to reach where you get hottest down the middle of your back too. 

Stretchy pockets are good for a range of items — keys, water bottles, GoPro, MTB tubes etc. And the different functioning interior pockets provide 10 litres of storage, which can be adjusted for more volume via quick release buckles. The waterproof phone pouch (with touch screen window) is a bonus. 

So really, the answer to the question “what’s not to like?” is an easy one with this pack — not a lot. 
Really Liked
All-round useful back pack for day-to-day use, trail riding


$169 (USD)