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Gannon Audette joins Leatt for 2017

Gannon Audette joins Leatt for 2017: 

Legends and Heroes rider Gannon Audette has joined the Leatt family for the 2017 season and as a result will be dressed in Leatt apparel, helmet, neck brace and body protection. He will be competing in the 250 East Lites Supercross and 250 Pro Motocross Championships. Gannon is now entering his 6th professional season and has chosen Leatt as his protection of choice. He has been a long time Leatt Family athlete wearing their GPX 6.5 Neck Brace and Lite Chest Protector.

“I chose Leatt when they first came out with the neck brace because it was a big step forward for our sport and safety. I have chosen to continue with them because I love their products and enjoy watching them expand into new categories including helmets and gear.”