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Leatt 2017 Helmet Range and Tech Features Video

Leatt 2017 Helmet Range and Tech Features Video: 

Leatt has always manufactured premium products where security and safety remain the top priority, and their GPX helmet range is certainly no exception. This race-ready Composite off-road, lightweight and super ventilated helmet is equipped with 360° Armourgel® Turbine concussion and brain rotation safety technology that takes protection to a whole new level!

Smart technological solutions has always characterized the Leatt brand. The cheek pads are made of a material with low friction to make the helmet easy to take off in the event of an accident. The peak is designed to break away in a crash to prevent unnatural rotation. Moulded V-shaped EPS for maximum shock absorption during a crash. The GPX 5.5 has the same specifications as the carbon fiber GPX 6.5. The difference between these two is simply the shell. The 5.5 is made of composite materials and weighs approx. 100g more than the GPX 6.5. Leatt's GPX 6.5 stands together with the GPX 5.5 at the top of the market when it comes to safety.