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Protect Ya Neck (and Head, Body, and Hands) with New Gear from Leatt

Protect Ya Neck (and Head, Body, and Hands) with New Gear from Leatt: 

The DBX 5.0 hardshell jacket

Leatt is known for their neck braces and pads, but for 2017 the company is making a big push into the apparel market. Their line includes jackets, jerseys, shorts, and gloves.

The DBX 5.0 is a hardshell, waterproof jacket with a tailored fit. Leatt added their brush guard fabric to the shoulders and elbows for extra abrasion resistance. Leatt offers the DBX 5.0 in blue, lime, or black for $200.

If you don’t need a fully waterproof jacket, Leatt also has the DBX 4.0. The four-way stretch material is much softer than the 5.0, and it is windproof, but only resistant to water. Like the 5.0, it has a hood that should fit over trail and full face helmets. Color options are the same as the 5.0–blue, lime, and black. Retail is $140.

Leatt added a stretch panel to the necks of all their jerseys so they will play nice with neck braces

Leatt’s jersey line up starts with the long sleeve 5.0 All Mountain jersey. It uses a windproof material in the chest with a water and dirt repellant coating. The 4.0 jersey has long sleeves as well, but the materials are a lighter weight than the 5.0. For warmer days at the bike park or for trail rides, Leatt offers the 3.0 three-quarter sleeve jersey. The 2.0 jersey is the most casual of the line, with a cut and look that resembles a t-shirt. All of Leatt’s jerseys have a stretch panel at the back of the neck, so they are compatible with their neck braces. Retail for the jerseys ranges from $40 to $75.

To match those jerseys, Leatt also has a line of new shorts. Just like with the rest of their products, there are varying levels depending on application. The 5.0 shorts are waterproof, so they pair nicely with their 5.0 jacket. Retail ranges from $70 on the 3.0 shorts up to $120 for the 5.0 shorts.

Leatt’s line of gloves spans from the minimalist 2.0 X-Flow up to the 4.0 Windblock. On the 3.0 and 4.0 models, Leatt uses their Armourgel material for knuckle protection. Armourgel is soft and pliable, but hardens upon impact. Prices for the gloves are $35-$55.

The DBX 3.0 Enduro helmet comes with a removable chin bar

The Enduro helmet with chin bar removed

The DBX 3.0 All-Mountain forgoes the removable chin bar

Leatt was also showing some new helmets. The DBX 3.0 Enduro is a removable chin bar helmet in the same vein as the Bell Super. Two buckles are used to attached the chin bar at the back of the helmet. There is a an All-Mountain version of the DBX 3.0 that does not have provisions for mounting the chin bar. Retail prices for the Enduro and All-Mountain helmets are $240 and $170, respectively. Both feature Leatt’s 360 Turbine technology, which is similar to MIPS. The intent of the system is to reduce the risk of concussion in a crash.

The $500, full face DBX 6.0 that Jeff tested recently is not new, but is seeing some subtle changes to its design for 2017.

Leatt refined the design of their full face helmet for 2017

And of course, Leatt had their pads and neck braces on display as well.

The low profile Airfit Body Protector is designed to be worn under a jersey

The low profile Airfit Body Protector is designed to be worn under a jersey