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Leatt GPX Helmet presentation on MXLarge.com

Leatt GPX Helmet presentation on MXLarge.com: 

The all new GPX helmet by Leatt has many features, the first is what Leatt calls 360 Turbines. These are soft, round, rubbery dampers that are designed to flex in all directions and to compress during an impact, effectively “reducing head movement in the helmet.”

These are spaced around the helmet between the foam and the fabric liner, so the rider’s head is actually in contact with the turbines. The helmet also has a multi-density foam construction to deal with medium- and high-energy impacts.

Leatt also claims the GPX is 10 percent smaller than other helmets on the market, and they also claim that this transfers less force to the neck and has less momentum in the event of a crash. Check out the introduction booklet right here.