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Leatt: C-Frame Carbon Knee Brace video review

Leatt: C-Frame Carbon Knee Brace video review: 

The C-Frame Carbon Knee Brace is what you get when Leatt engineers team up with medical professionals to help reduce injuries. A low-profile radical design helps reduce rotational errors and pressure on the thigh bone and patella. The C-Frame has a three-point force distribution. A single hinge is super stiff allowing for maximum force control while the InteliLink hinge has double pivot points that replicate natural knee motion. A low-profile shin bone plate is comfortable and ensures better rotation control. The vented upper leg prevents the leg from bending sideways. Leatt designed the C-Frame Carbon Knee Brace to fit a wide range of shapes and sizes, eliminating the knee for custom molds.

  • 3-point force distribution
  • Super stiff mono hinge construction
  • C-Arm made of die-cast 383 aluminum alloy
  • Adjustable soft lock outs help prevent hyperextension
  • Super low profile of inner knee for better bike control
  • Integrated CE 1621-1 impact certified knee (patella) protection
  • Engineered brace fracture points help prevent upper and lower leg injuries
  • Leatt signature 3D design
  • Sold in pairs