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Leatt 2.5 Kids chest protector for your kid

Leatt 2.5 Kids chest protector for your kid

Parents always have a concern about the safety of their children and they also want what is best for their kids. Leatt is famous for neck braces but now they are offering excellent body protection, including chest protector. The Leatt 2.5 chest protector is especially designed for kids 4-7 years old and 3’7” to 4’5” in height. This chest protector is certified by CE and made from strongly tough HDPE plastic and washable biofoam. The Leastt2.5 chest protector is available in two colors; black and orange. The price of this chest protector is only $59.

The Leatt 2.5 is comfortable to wear because it fits excellently with your kid’s body. Your kid can move freely by wearing this. The shell of this protector does a great job by covering the chest and back. With the hard shell protection gives more confidence to the parents that their child’s back and chest are better protected against any accident. The protector also provides good side protection; this is good for any rider. Some small crashes has been done with a tiny test rider to test the protection level of this protector. It showed great and much needed protection with its hard shell.

The Leatt 2.5 is also adjustable at the shoulders and the sides, securing a good fit to different sized riders. It also fits under or over riding jerseys, so you can run it either way. The belting and the buckles are very easy to use for tiny hands.

Overall the Leatt 2.5 chest protector is a great piece of protection for small kids, and it’s hard to find any complaints with it. The Leatt 2.5 is the ultimate protection for your kids. So what are you waiting for, if you want to give your kid the ultimate protection then go for it. It is the right protection for your kids.