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Leatt: Top down protection and the evolution of Leatt

Leatt: Top down protection and the evolution of Leatt:

Back in 2006, Dr. Chris Leatt changed the racing world forever with the introduction of the Leatt Brace. Designed to absorb impact energy and deflect it away from the critical compression zones that cause spinal paralysis. Arguably the biggest safety innovation since the motocross boot, Leatt forged new conversations about safety and what it means to compete at the top level.  

Over the past two seasons, there’s been a noticeable shift from the world’s most recognizable Neck Brace company. Now, with years of experience and customer feedback under their belts, the R&D department at Leatt Protectives has been applying the same relentless protection standards they are famous for to helmets, cycling, upper & lower body protection.

Keaton Ward demos the new lineup of Leatt Chest Protectors in Hemet, CA

We fired a few questions off to our friends behind the desk to find out just what the game plan is for 2016 and beyond as Leatt stacks their product line deeper than ever.

Since the introduction of the first Leatt brace, how has motocross protection technology evolved? 

Motocross protection technology has evolved tremendously. With the introduction of the first Leatt Neck Brace, prevention of neck injuries was nonexistent. The consumer has since been taught the importance of protection. Leatt has helped to introduce CE level testing in protective items, which provides a higher level of impact protection.  

You sent us an integrated chest protector to check out called the Fusion and it’s clear you’re checking off a number of protection "buckets" with that product: Neck, Chest, Back and Torso to name a few. What are some of the highlights of the product and how does it tie into the big-picture mission of Leatt? 

The Fusion is the first ever integrated neck and torso protection. It joins our award winning neck brace with impact absorbing 3DF foam technology, to create a comfortable and well vented upper body protector. It is CE certified for impact protection on the back, front and shoulders. Flank protection is provided as well. This signature item follows the importance of higher level impact protection that Leatt represents. 

How does the cycling line influence the moto line, and vice versa? 

The cycling and moto lines are very similar and a lot of our products cross over from moto to cycling. Items such as body armor (including upper chest/back, elbows and knees) can be used for both cycling and moto. And a lot of moto consumers cross train from one sport to the other. Our Pro AirFlex Elbow and Knee Guards may be looked at more of a cycling product, however by incorporating materials like Armourgel that provide a high level of CE Certified protection, are very minimal and flexible, they offer just as much protection or even more than most moto elbow and knee guards. 

The boys from singletracks.com take the new Leatt 3DF Hybrid Knee/Shin and Elbow pads for a midday smash. 

What are some of the most important safety initiatives to tackle within the sport over the next 5 years, and what can riders expect from Leatt in the future? 

Educating the consumer on the importance of protection is our ultimate goal. We are one of the few companies that publicly share our testing information and have our own in house testing facility. One thing we are very happy with is how the technology of helmets have begun to change. The focus has been placed on the importance of impact and rotational head injuries. Our moto and bicycle helmets recently released and include these type of important safety features. Leatt started as just a neck brace company in 2007 and now 8 years later we have expanded into a full protection company. Beyond helmets we have also released Knee Braces and Gloves with protection! The future is looking bright and you can expect many great things from us.