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Leatt 2.0 DBX Enduro Light bicycle waterproof hydration pack review by Erica Jessop - Outdoor Gear Examiner

Leatt 2.0 DBX Enduro Light bicycle waterproof hydration pack review by Erica Jessop - Outdoor Gear Examiner

The Leatt 2.0 DBX Enduro Light bicycle waterproof hydration pack is a durable pack with a multi impact level 1 back protector. The rock solid, secure fit can handle the gnarliest of tracks as the pack’s back and its removable 3D foam panels absorb energy. The unique chest harness also plays a huge part in that solid fit, and there are dual hydration tube exits for 2-way routing (over the shoulder or under arm).

When holding the Leatt 2.0 DBX Enduro Light pack, you can feel how sturdy it is, and just looking at the pack makes you think it’s one that would probably hold up fantastically well on your downhill trails. The sandwich type layup that the multilayer 3DF Airfit foam uses allows relative movement between layers which results in easier bending and comfort for the rider while maintaining impact absorption. Other features of the pack include: a 2.0L Flat CleanTech bladder and 5L luggage, height adjustable harness for optimal load positioning on the back, lightweight helmet carrier system for full-face and/or MTB helmet, reinforced tool pocket, heat reflective inner back panel to keep liquid cool or hot, neoprene hydration, Optimal AirLine back ventilation, and cargo straps for jacket and/or protectors.

The Leatt 2.0 DBX Enduro Light pack is probably one of the most comfortable bike packs I’ve ever tested. The pack stays put on your back while going down technical terrain. There’s no hitting the back of your helmet on downhill like some other packs have a tendency to do. The pack stays put while you ride the trail and take some jumps and enjoy the great outdoors. There’s a very convenient and easily accessible pocket up front where the chest harness clips together where you can put your phone, keys and some snacks in.

The Flat CleanTech bladder has great qualities to it, and I really like that it’s dishwasher safe. Liquids don’t splash around in the bladder, and it stays flat when it’s zipped. It also gives you some good tasting water as it has a plug-in carbon filter kit that filters odor, chlorine and organic contaminants from normal tap water. The bladder is easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about residue left over from places you missed cleaning as you can unzip the bladder to clean it inside-out. There are hanging loops to dry it on the inside and outside of the bladder.

A couple of falls occurred while on some trails and while trying to keep a little dignity intact, the DBX Enduro Light pack took the falls better than I did, keeping any gear or tools protected. No scruff marks ended up on the pack even when landing on my back. There was plenty of ventilation for airflow on my back keeping perspiration controlled.

The Leatt 2.0 DBX Enduro Light bicycle waterproof hydration pack is definitely one that is highly recommended especially if you need a resilient pack while downhill mountain biking. With the 3D foam panels that absorb energy, you’ll be amazed at even the slightest difference that makes in the comfort of the pack as opposed to one that doesn’t have the multilayer 3DF Airfit foam. With so many options of hydration packs out there for biking, let’s make this easy for you. Get the Leatt 2.0 DBX Enduro Light pack.

The Leatt 2.0 DBX Enduro light bicycle waterproof hydration pack retails at $139 and is available at www.leatt.com.