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Leatt Gear set up! Armour for the ATV Rider

Tuck and roll, tumble and fall—crashing is a game of odds with ATV riding. We all know the risks of riding and do our very best to avoid them, but we agree to play the game for the love and joy of the sport. However, it may happen; taking a fall is a possibility that we can be better prepared for. Leatt specializes in rider protection. It is known in the riding and racing circles as one of the top neck brace and protection manufacturers in the world. While neck braces might be their bread and butter, Leatt makes other forms of rider protection that are equally impressive. 

From the neck down: The GPX 5.5 neck brace is the newest addition to its line of neck protection and one of the best braces out there. The GPX balances great comfort with safety and protection. It provides a freedom of movement and adjust-ability above its biggest competitors. This Leatt brace has front and rear SureFit adjusters that ensure a secure fit against the body and can be adjusted in around 30 seconds without the need of tools. The rear plate, or thoracic strut, has four settings or adjustments, and that helps with a tighter and more personal fit. Another plus for this brace is how easily it can be put on and removed with a push of a single button. The GPX 5.5 is a comfortable and technologically advanced protection system for your neck that is worth its price of $369. In addition, it can be slipped into Leatt’s 5.5 Pro HD chest protector.

Protect your upper body: The 5.5 Pro HD chest protector is by far one of the most comfortable and protective forms of chest/roost protection out there. The Pro HD is specifically designed to meet the highest safety approvals for front, back and shoulder impact protection. On top of that, Leatt added hard-shell protection and extra padding to cover other important areas of the body like your ribs. The fit is like no other. Comfort is an understatement with this chest protector. It fits snuggly to your back and chest, along with the shoulders, adding a feeling of security and safety to the rider. With the benefit of any Leatt neck brace fitting into or outside of the 5.5 Pro HD chest protector, its comfort and protection make its price of $219 worth it. Another plus to how Leatt designs its gear is that its hydration systems fit comfortably over the Pro HD chest protector.

Hydration: Leatt certainly knows how to design protective gear that performs well while still being comfortable enough to wear day in and day out. Their 2.5-liter H4 hydration harness pack is just as comfortable to wear as Leatt’s protective gear. It fits over the Pro HD chest protector easily and has enough extra pockets and storage space for food, tools, a jacket and more. The harness-style buckle system fits securely to the upper body and doesn’t bounce up and down like a normal backpack or other hydration systems would. The $90 Camelbak Blowfish pack is similar to Leatt’s H4 system, but it bounces on your back when you cross rough terrain, holds half a liter less water and the straps are uncomfortable to use over a chest protector. The ergonomic fit of the H4 harness pack allows for full freedom of body movement, fits comfortably alone or over Leatt’s chest protector systems, has spaces for essential riding items and is easily adjustable to many different body sizes. For $99, Leatt’s H4 hydration system harness pack rounds off this gear setup for trail riding or racing.

Conclusion: There is a popular saying among smart ATV riders: dress for the fall and not for the ride. The translation is, sacrifice a little comfort for safety. Leatt offers both safety and comfort. The best way to ride is with protective gear, and Leatt designs great products that are safe, comfortable and worth every penny spent on them. This upper-body setup may be pricey, but your body is fragile, and protecting it is money well-spent. Two other great items that Leatt sells are their Dual Axis knee guards for $89 and their $39 Hard Shell elbow guards. The Dual Axis guards are very comfortable, durable and protective. The same is said for Leatt’s elbow guards, which are a perfect addition to the upper-body setup.