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Leatt: BikeBandit.com reviews Leatt's products

Leatt® develops high-performance products for extreme sports athletes living on the edge. This is what the future of protection looks like! Designed by medical doctors and biomedical engineers, their products push safety and comfort to the next level. Rob Fish from BikeBandit.com and Patrick from Leatt review Leatt's various products: 

These award-winning neck braces are just the beginning. They’ve extended their range to include helmets, body armor, knee braces, elbow guards, hydration systems and other cutting-edge products that are redefining protection and inspiring confidence in the world of extreme sports. Independently backed by science and testing, and trusted by some of the fastest riders in the world – Leatt® protects athletes who constantly push the limits. Get yours today. 

Rob Fish and Patrick from Leattas he breaks down the awesome GPX family of gloves. From the 4.5 to the 6.5, you'll learn the differences in features and how they'll keep you safe and performing at your best. 

They say that the most important piece of safety apparel for a motorcyclist is a helmet. Leatt is considered one of the premier safety apparel companies for extreme sports. Well if you combine those two concepts, you'd have to acknowledge then that some of the finest helmets available, are made by Leatt. Makes sense, right? 

The Ultra is an ultra light hydration pack with neck brace fit, ultra lightweight & compact but durable construction, direct rear thoracic fit for new and older model Leatt® braces, a customizable areas for rider number, fit and forget, so you only change the bladder, and 2 way hydration routing, capacity of 0.75L, and a quick release "hands-free" helmet kit. Very nice indeed.

The Race version breaks down like this. Super slim design holds both cargo & back protection, still ultra lightweight but durable construction, ergonomic profile, adjustable to allow fitment over full body protection, 4-way hydration routing, fully adjustable harness, a digital camera mount, and of course Leatt® neck brace integration. Capacity is 1L cargo & 2 L Hydration.