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Leatt Protectives: All New GPX Helmet

Leatt Protectives' All New GPX Helmet by VurbMoto

Your head. The command center and what one could say is the most important part of the body. Head injuries are serious business and they happen all too often in our great sport. And while motocross helmets have come a long way from the early 80s, we're still seeing traumatic head injuries so clearly there is room for improvement. That being said, we're happy to say that the folks at Leatt are doing their part to make a serious push in helmet technology. We spent a day with them out at LACR for the introduction of their latest innovation.

Enter the Leatt GPX Head and Brain Protection line. Working over 2 years on the product, the company incorporated an array of unique features in all aspects of helmet technology. With safety as a large part of their focus, the GPX helmet's 360 turbine technology has proven to significantly reduce the risk of concussion. The turbines absorb the energy upon impact and allow head movement inside of the helmet to reduce impact and rotational forces.  This technology is a huge piece of the puzzle that allows the GPX to offer up to a 30% reduction of concussion level head impact, and up to 40% reduction of rotational acceleration to the head & brain. 

With a smaller shell, 11 vent ports and a significantly smaller amount of foam than the traditional helmet, the GPX is noticeably breathable and incredibly light.  Leatt uses a multi-density, in-molded V-foam, molded to either a carbon or composite shell. The foam is designed to deform and compress to better absorb impact and reduce G-forces transferred to the head, both at medium and high energy impact. A 10% decrease in shell size will reduce the rotational forces by 20%. (Competitors helmets are up to 24% larger than the GPX helmet).

It's safe to say that Leatt is not holding back when it comes to their Head and Brain Protection line. Nailing their initial release with a comfortable, light, and ultra safe option for those in the market for a new lid. Kudos to Leatt for their incredible effort to push the boundaries of helmet technology.