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Leatt 2016 product intro to Motocross Action Magazine

Leatt 2016 product intro to Motocross Action Magazine 

It never rains in California…unless you really need to get something done at the track. Case in point, Leatt scheduled their 2016 product line introduction for January 5th. Guess what? El Nino dumped buckets on SoCal, effectively washing away any hope for a ride day. I was bummed, given that I had flown to California that day from North Carolina (where it was dry, by the way) in the hope of trying out Leatt’s new tech gear. The window quickly closed for any chance that I could ride during “Anaheim 1 insanity week.” Leatt rescheduled their intro for the following Tuesday, which was the day I flew back to wild and wonderful eastern NC. Bummer! Fortunately our resident Managing Editor, Daryl Ecklund, was on hand to try Leatt’s new GPX 6.5 carbon helmet, as well as an extensive line of gloves and the revised C-Frame knee brace. Leatt spokesman, Ryan Sipes, was on hand to show the media what Leatt products looked like as they traveled at lightspeed around LACR. The old Kentucky redneck still is quasar-fast.

Leatt’s C-Frame knee brace is unique in that it uses one hinge on the outside of the knee.  

Leatt has a plethora of new gloves for the 2016 race season.  

Leatt’s Steph Slattery made sure everything fit properly at the Leatt 2016 product intro. Steph always has the MXA wrecking crew dialed.  

Ryan Sipes still knows how to twist the throttle. It was good to see the Kentucky redneck back in SoCal.