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RacerXOnline: Invited to see the new Leatt helmets and Gloves

Leatt Intro (Kyle Scott from Racer X Online ) Leatt invited us out to LACR to test their stacked product lineup and get educated on their latest product, the GPX 6.5 Carbon Moto Helmet. It was a bit chilly in the shade out in the desert in Palmdale, California, that day. When I say chilly, it was about 45 degrees—call me a wuss if you will, but I live at the beach, so that’s cold for me.

I already own a couple Leatt products, and I’ve always noticed their attention to detail. The moto helmet launch day was no different. Not only did all those in attendance get a helmet (job perk much?), but Leatt even printed everyone stickers of their last names to put on their helmets. I thought that was pretty cool.

We were also all given two sets of gloves to try out: the Airflex GPX 4.5 Lite and the DBX 4.0 WindBloc. I preferred the Windbloc, as it has a stretchy wrist versus the Velcro strap on the Airflex. When I come back from a long, brutal five-minute moto, I yank my gloves off ASAP and don’t want to mess with a strap. Both sets of gloves have this very unique material called Armourgel on the knuckles. Armourgel has a squishy, rubbery feeling to it, but when an impact such as roost or a digger occurs, it hardens and helps absorb the energy. Armourgel is incorporated into an array of products Leatt sells: elbow pads, shorts, and even their new GPX 6.5 Carbon Moto Helmet (more on that next week in a interview with Jörn Steffens, Leatt’s product and design specialist).

The Armourgel is very thin yet very effective. This is great for those of you who want as much protection as possible, without resembling my kooky neighbor who looks like he’s lining up for an NFL kickoff when he cruises the boardwalk on his rollerblades. To demonstrate effectiveness of the Armourgel, Todd Repsher from Leatt placed a steak-sized sample of Armourgel on top of his hand on the table and then proceeded to slam his own hand with a hammer. That got everyone’s attention!

Leatt encouraged us to try as many products as possible and even gave us a brochure-like printout of the different options so we could check them off one by one. At the end of the day, guess what the prize was for trying the most gear? A DJI 3 Phantom drone! Still kicking myself for spending too much time with the Chipotle spread that was also provided. The list of swag goes on and on, but what really got my attention were the Leatt condoms with the phrase “Ride Safe.” Does this company care about me being protected or what? Now I’m just hoping they come out with some low-key Armourgel cheek pads for when I get slapped at the bar.