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Leatt Brace named one of the best 15 Best Products of the past 15 Years by Transworld Motocross Magazine

Transworld Motocross just released their 172nd issue, marking 15 years since the launch of the magazine. In honor of their 15 years in print, the team compiled a list of the 15 “most impressive new products” that they have had the pleasure of reviewing, testing and seeing in practice over the years. 

“Created in the late 1990s by South African Dr. Chris Leatt, the Leatt brace gained worldwide acceptance when it was popularized in the United States by importers Geoff Patterson and Jason McCune in 2005. The neck-brace crazy swept through the sport like wildfire, prompting several other manufacturers to emrge. Although they’re not as popular today as they once were, neck braces remain a great piece of safety equipment in a category that was created by the original Leatt Brace.”