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MusclePharm announced Ryan Drexler as its new chairman

DENVER, CO -- 06/25/15 -- MusclePharm Corporation (MSLP) today announced Ryan Drexler as its new chairman. The announcement is a part of the Company's continued effort to institute best-in-class corporate governance practices and fulfills its commitment to separate the roles of CEO and Chairman. Mr. Drexler is an experienced investor and manages Consac, LLC, based in Beverly Hills, California. Consac, which invests in publicly traded and venture companies in the health and wellness space, has made significant investments in MusclePharm's stock in the public market and in private transactions.

"After an extensive search for a candidate who has both financial expertise and substantial experience in the nutrition and health industries, we are pleased that Ryan Drexler has agreed to join our team," said Brad Pyatt, CEO and Founder of MusclePharm. "His skills and experience will help us to achieve our goals and we welcome his wealth of experience as an investor and related products."

Ryan Drexler has a long and successful history in the nutritional and fitness industries. Prior to his current position at Consac, he served as president of Country Life Vitamins. During his tenure, he developed new brands that included the BioChem family of nutrition products and led the process which resulted in the sale of Country Life to Japanese conglomerate Kikkoman Corp.

"Mr. Drexler will help position the company as it continues pursuing future growth opportunities and in providing us with the investor perspective when managing our growth," said Mr. Pyatt.

In addition to separating the roles of CEO and Chairman, the Company has announced that it will increase the number of directors to seven, with five independent directors. Each of the directors will stand for election at the 2015 Annual Meeting of Stockholders presently scheduled for August 26, 2015. The Company also has established the position of internal auditor and completed its first Sarbanes-Oxley internal review during 2015.

About Ryan Drexler

Ryan Drexler is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Consac, LLC, a privately held firm that invests in the securities of publicly traded and venture-stage companies using proprietary capital. Previously, Mr. Drexler served as President of Country Life Vitamins, a family owned nutritional supplements and natural products company he joined in 1993. In addition, to developing strategic objectives and overseeing acquisitions for Country Life, Mr. Drexler created new brands that include the BioChem family of sports and fitness nutrition products. Mr. Drexler negotiated and led the process which resulted in the sale of Country Life in 2007 to the Japanese conglomerate Kikkoman Corp. Mr. Drexler graduated from Northeastern University, where he earned a BA in political science.