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LEAT - conference call with CEO

Friday 24th of April 2015.

I had the opportunity to speak with Sean Macdonald LEAT's CEO this past Friday. I wanted to know more about the annual distributor event they had in Cape Town South Africa 2 weeks ago. 

Feedback from the 55 people who came from 35 counties said it was by far the best event they had attended.  Normally the LEAT annual takes place in Europe but this time Sean and Dr Leatt thought it would make sense to have their distributors fly to SA so that they could see the R&D Lab where all the design and testing are made and also learn more about the company with a visit to the HQ. Presentations, and discussions were made around the new product introduction (knee brace and helmets) but also in the updated versions of their neck braces, where they are the world leader. Off course the visitors were also invited to see Cape Town and it's beautiful surroundings. 

The company took care of all the visits, food and beverage costs and the distributors paid for the flight and accommodation. 

Sean Macdonald confirmed that he and Dr. Leatt will be traveling to the US (east and west coast) to see investors soon after they report their 1Q numbers in May. Initially they have targeted the week of the 18th but no confirmations yet. I do not know if breakfast or lunch presentations will be available for group meetings. For those interest please reach out to their IR Mike Mason (michaelm@allencaron.com) or by phone 212 691 8087

Sean also said he will spend a few days at Leatt's US distribution center in Santa Clarita CA. 

I continue to view LEAT as the most undervalued company I have seen in years and believe the Co will grow 30% top line for the next 3 years. My model has them hitting 24mil$ in sales for 2015 and 31mil$ in 2016 with a profit of $0.32 and $0.90. I would like to mention that these are my estimates and Sean did not approve or refute them.