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GNC to be First to launch Arnold Schwarzenegger Sports Nutrition Line

DENVER, Sept. 23,2013 MusclePharm Corporation (MSLP)a nutritional supplement company focused on active lifestyles, is proud to announce that the Arnold Series™, anexclusive line of new nutritional supplements developed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and MusclePharm's world-renowned scientific team, will launch today on GNC.com and on October 1 in GNC stores. GNC Holdings, Inc. (GNC) is the nation's largest specialty retailer of health and wellness products.
"GNC was the clear choice to launch the Arnold Series as they share our commitment to healthy living and they are such a highly-regarded retailer of health, wellness and sports nutrition products," said Brad Pyatt, founder and CEO,MusclePharm.  "Arnold Schwarzenegger is idolized by fitness enthusiasts across the country so we turned to GNC with their large retail footprint to make the Arnold Series widely accessible."
"We are excited to be partnering with Arnold Schwarzenegger and MusclePharm in the launch of this new line of sports nutrition products," said Joe Fortunato, President and CEO, GNC.  "GNC's sports nutrition customers look to usfor cutting-edge products that help in all of their training and workout needs.The Arnold Series is a great addition to our product lineup."  
MusclePharm's ArnoldSeries consists of eight sports nutrition products.  Schwarzenegger worked side by side with MusclePharm's world-renowned scientific team to createa monumental line of new products that are revolutionary, safe and aboveall effective.